Two Year Anniversary of the deaths of Jeff Garrard & Sung Oh

[I meant to post this on January 26.  Somehow it was left as a “draft” and not posted.]:

Today, January 26, 2012, is the two year anniversary of the completely avoidable and incredibly tragic accident that killed my former coworkers Jeff Garrard and Sung Oh.  To the best of my knowledge the NTSB _still_ hasn’t released an accident report. Ordinarily it may take the NTSB up to one year after an accident to complete a report, but they were investigating four (4) deadly accidents at Metro simultaneously so my coworkers and I expected that it might take a few months longer than usual — but two years?!

The NTSB report on the June, 2009, accident was released in July of 2010, a full year and a half ago.

At the very least, the widows, family, friends, and coworkers of Jeff and Sung have the right to expect that their deaths will be treated as seriously as any others.  The NTSB report is necessary if we are to learn anything from the accident that killed them.

If the NTSB does not release their report very soon, I would not blame the widows, family, friends, and/or former coworkers of Jeff and Sung if they began to think that there is some sort of collusion between WMATA and the NTSB — some sort of cover-up.  I have no reason to suspect that but how else to explain a two (2) year delay (and counting) between the date of the accident and the issuance of the NTSB report?

Jeff and Sung will not be forgotten by those who knew them and worked with them.  My hope is that WMATA, Local 689, and the transit industry in general will learn from the NTSB report and as a result the lives of others will be saved.

Rest in peace Jeff and Sung.

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