Our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., is home to some of the best our country has to offer.

The monuments and museums draw visitors from around the nation and around the world. The hub and heart of our government are there, and the area hosts some of the largest and most publicized rallies and events in our country.

For this reason, one would expect to find a world-class public transit system that welcomes visitors and provides them with a positive impression and experience.

Unfortunately, patrons and employees of the Washington D.C. Metro system often encounter poor conditions that are unfriendly and unsafe. Websites, like UnsuckMetro, have been created where dedicated Metro riders share their frustrations with a transit system they have grown to rely on.

Because public transit is so vital to our economy and the environment, and because Washington, D.C. is the only America many people will visit, we owe it to ourselves, to the environment, and to our nation’s guests, to offer a world-class public transportation system.

This website is dedicated to helping promote that goal.