Washington DC Metro Area Local Television and Journalism Media

Summary. This page offers links to Washington DC Metro Area Local Television and Journalism Media. Journalists and members of the media can contact us by writing to Metrothe51stState @ gmail.com (without spaces).

  • My Fox DC WTTG Channel 5 – “An online leader for local news, weather, traffic, entertainment and sports — myfoxdc.com is quickly enhancing the way viewers obtain information throughout the day. With around the clock coverage, myfoxdc.com is constantly updated with the latest in breaking news, local events, and weather alerts. Streaming video allows for visitors to get behind the scenes with our news team and see coverage and press conferences as they happen. The studio web cam also gives visitors a bird’s eye view of what is going on in the FOX5 studios 24 hours a day.”
  • NBC Washington Channel 4 – “Our users have a distinct relationship with their city that goes well beyond just calling it their residence. The city is part of their identity. They draw a distinction between existing in the city and living in it. With the help of the community, NBC Local Media uncovers and connects our users to all that the city has to offer so they can be true city insiders. We go beyond the obvious and provide access to untold stories and the stories behind the stories. We help our passionate local user base know more so they can do more.”
  • OpenMarket.org – “OpenMarket.org is the blog of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. We believe that people improve their lives not through government regulation, but by making their own choices in a free marketplace.”
  • Unsuck DC Metro – “Over 700,000 of you take Metro every day. Whether it’s a simple tweet from the front lines, a funny photo or story or something more substantial, tell us. Got an idea of something we should do? Let us know. More than half of this blog has been written by riders just like you.”
  • Washington Examiner – “The Examiner is paving the way for the future of news and changing the way people think about daily local newspapers. The online version of the Washington Examiner connects consumers with a premium blend of news and information from the best local news team in the DC Area.”
  • Washington Post – “Founded by independent-minded Democrat Stilson Hutchins, The Washington Post began publishing on Thursday, December 6, 1877. It was printed at 914 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., and had a circulation of 10,000. The newspaper contained four pages and cost three cents a copy. … We all share a belief that the free flow of information is essential to a successful democracy. Over the years the company’s leaders have taken great risks to ensure that citizens have unfettered access to the news.”
  • WUSA9.com Channel 9 – “On January 16, 1949, Channel 9, then a new CBS network affiliate station, began its first official broadcast. Four days later, President Harry S Truman made history as the first American president to give a live, televised inaugural address. Of course, that speech was carried by WOIC-TV, Channel 9. Since that time much has changed. We’ve had several sets of call letters (WOIC, WTOP, WDVM, and today, WUSA) and Washington has grown from a small television market to one of the top ten markets in the country. Some of the most revered names in the business have shared desks here at Channel 9 – Walter Cronkite, Sam Donaldson, Arthur Godfrey, Max Robinson, Eric Sevareid, Howard K. Smith and Lowell Thomas. WUSA 9 is now part of Gannett, Inc., an internationally diverse news and information company. The one constant throughout the WUSA 9’s 60 year history in Washington is our commitment to innovation.”